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Slip Alert - Test Equipment

Welcome to SlipAlert

The new British Standard slip test that is guaranteed to reduce slip injuries in your business
A step change in floor safety. SlipAlert is the world's best slip tester, faster and better than traditional slip testing. SlipAlert guarantee to accurately assess slip risks making it easy for you to manage slip risk in your business.
Slip Alert can help your team to understand and manage slip risks across your business and by avoiding slip risks you will save time and money.
Slip Alert design, manufacture and sell the world's best slip test machine designed for ease of use so that anyone can conduct the slip testing.
Monitor Slip Risk - stops slips/falls

  • Test floors whenever there is an accident or near miss

  • Test floors when changed: polishing, coating, chemical spill etc

  • Test "at risk" floors every week and monitor the trends
SlipAlert - easy and reliable floor testing,

  • Easy reliable slip resistance testing that helps you prevent slip accidents. 
  • No training required. 
  • Test your floors in seconds. 
  • Quick and accurate, you get consistent accurate results.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your cleaning regime
  • Prevent serious slip accidents
Talk to your Health & Safety Adviser about the importance of reducing slip accidents.


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