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Reprotec Renderlite

Concrete repair mortar - Reprotec Renderlite

Reprotec Renderlite

"now anyone can be a master craftsman"  A remarkable renovation product for repairing damaged concrete on vertical or overhead surfaces.


Reprotec Renderlite is a solvent free Epoxy resin renovation system with specially graded lightweight fillers.

The mixed mortar has excellent application characteristics, allowing overhead and vertical repairs to be easily accomplished.

Reprotec Renderlite is used in conjunction with a separate primer  Reprotec Tackprime. 

(1 x 2Kg Pack Tackprime will cover between 7  sq, metres and 14 sq, metres)

Reprotec Renderlite is supplied as a three pack material, pre-weighed to allow easy on-site mixing and use.

** Top Tip - Always mix the resins together first -- never, never try to mix all 3 components in one mix **

Reprotec Renderlite provides a strong durable, weatherproof repair for concrete, brickwork, stonework and steel substrates.


Typical Uses

Repairs to spalled or damaged concrete structures; particularly for vertical and overhead applications. 

A tough, lightweight, epoxy resin mortar for repairing spalled and damaged concrete or stone window cills, lintels and columns, underside of bridge walkways etc. An excellent concrete or stone repair compound to reform original profiles to vertical and overhead masonry.



  • Excellent adhesion to substrate
  • Very good abrasion and impact resistance
  • High build application in vertical and overhead locations
  • May be applied to damp substrates
  • Impermeable and waterproof
  • Chemically resistant
  • Ease of mixing and application
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Increases effective concrete cover


Typical Properties

Colour:  Light grey

Density:  1175kg/m³

Pot Life:  50minutes @ 20°C

Compressive Strength:  45 MPa

Tensile Strength:  8 MPa

Chemical resistance:  Excellent resistance to 25% hydrochloric acid, 20% sulphuric acid, 10% citric acid, 40% sodium hydroxide, diesel and petrol.  Very good resistance to 10% lactic acid, 20% phosphoric acid, Good resistance to many common industrial chemicals


Reprotec Renderlite is supplied in 5kg  packs



A 5kg pack yields 4.25litres of mortar, sufficient for 0.42m² @ 10mm thick.

Reprotec Renderlite shall be applied strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Please print off and refer to the mixing and application instructions below.

** Top Tip - Always mix the resins together first -- never, never try to mix all 3 components in one mix **

 Technical data sheet

Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet below for additional information.

  MSDS Information Sheet


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