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Epoxybond - High Strength Epoxy Adhesive

Super Stron Epoxy Adhesive

Reprotec Epoxybond

Super Strong Adhesive


Reprotec Epoxybond is a thixotropic, solvent free Epoxy adhesive ideal for bonding a wide range of building materials to one another e.g. concrete, brick, metal, stone and wood.

Reprotec Epoxybond has a high level of mechanical integrity and exhibits excellent bonding characteristics even under damp conditions.

Reprotec Epoxybond is easy to mix and apply and requires no primer.

 Typical Uses

Reprotec Epoxybond can be used as a grout for fixing bolts, handrails, railings and posts etc.

Reprotec Epoxybond is ideal for holding machinery fixings and sole-plates permanently in place. The product can be used to anchor machinery which vibrates in use.

Reprotec Epoxybond is a versatile Epoxy paste adhesive being particularly suitable for all general purpose bonding operations.

Reprotec Epoxybond may also be used for thin section concrete repairs and Brick slips



  • Colour coded components to ensure correct mixing
  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials
  • Bonds to damp substrates
  • Low odour
  • Thixotropic nature facilitates application in both vertical and overhead locations
  • Very good chemical properties and cohesive strength
  • Resistant to water, weathering and a wide range of chemicals
  • No primer required
  • Creep resistant


Typical Properties

Pot life @ 20C: 50 Minutes

Colour: Light Grey

Specific Gravity:  1.5g/cm³

Compressive Strength:  40MPa (1 day @ 20°C)

                                       75MPa (7 days @ 20°C)

Tensile Strength:  18MPa

Moisture resistance:  <0.4% increase @ 28 days

                                   (BS 6319: part 8)

Lap Shear Strength to grit blasted steel:  14MPa²

Shrinkage on curing:  Negligible

Hold up:  >15mm

Application temperature range: 3°C-30°C   



 Reprotec Epoxybond is supplied in 2kg packs



Dependent on application

Reprotec Epoxybond shall be applied strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Please print off and refer to mixing and application sheet below

 Reprotec Epoxybond 

Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet below for additional information


  MSDS information

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