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Easiflor - Matt Anti Slip Concrete Floor Paint

Reprotec Easiflor Matt Anti Slip


Reprotec Easiflor Matt Anti Slip Coating is a high performance anti slip, matt water dispersible Epoxy coating, with for the treatment of concrete floors. It is designed to be user and environmentally friendly, containing no solvents and being of a very low odour during application.

Reprotec Easiflor Matt Anti Slip Coating may be easily applied by roller, to provide a decorative, abrasion and chemically resistant coating of excellent durability.

Any holes in the existing concrete should be remedied by using Reprotec Floor Doctor or Reprotec Deepfill

 Typical Uses

As a floor coating in Food Kitchens, factories, abattoirs, dairies, laboratories , garages, warehouses, concrete tennis courts, etc.


May be applied to dry or damp surfaces

  • Available in a range of colours
  • Low odour
  • Easily applied
  • Excellent resistance to water, oils, skydrol, petrol, dilute acids, alkalis and many solvents.
  • Very good adhesion to concrete
  • Hygienic and easily cleaned with the right tools.



Typical Properties

Pot life @ 20C: 90 Minutes

             @ 10C: 150 Minutes

Application Temperatures      minimum = 3°C

                                               maximum = 30°C

Coverage:  0.20-0.25kg/m²/coat

Colours: Red Cherry 04D45, Blue Sky RAL 5015, Auto Blue 20E51, Silver Grey RAL 7001, Iron Grey RAL 7011, Auto Grey 10A07Leaf Green RAL 6002, Oxide Red RAL 3009, Safety Yellow, Black.



 Reprotec Easiflor Matt Anti Slip Coating  is supplied in 5.2 kg packs

which should cover between 20/25m² per coat per pack

This is around £3.50 per square metre on a reasonable floor per coat.

one coat may be sufficient on a good floor - two coats are recommended. (first coat can be thinned with 5% clean water).


Allow to cure for a minimum of 24 hours @ 20°C prior to light foot traffic access and 48 hours @ 20° prior to vehicular trafficking. 

7 days cure @ 20°C is recommended prior to exposure to chemicals.

Good ventilation is essential for satisfactory curing of the coating.

Lower temperatures will extend the curing time.


2 Coats are recommended a 5Kg pack is sufficient to treat 20-25m2 of surface with one coat, providing an overall d.f.t. of 150 microns. two coats are recommended


Do not apply to wet or uncured concrete surfaces. 

Do not apply at temperatures of 3°C or less.

In poorly ventilated areas forced extraction must be provided.


Reprotec Easiflor Coating shall be applied strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

(Watch a sample video on how to mix two pack resins.)


Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.

   MSDS information


Clean Tools with Reprotec Toolclean

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