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Primers and Sealers

  • Reprotec Florprime is a two pack, water dispersible Epoxy based primer coating, especially formulated to meet the technological and ecological requirements of modern building and industrial practice.
  • Reprotec Chemprime is designed as a primer for Reprotec Acidcheck and Reprotec Bundcoat. With High Chemical resistance itself.
  • Reprotec Tackprime has been developed for use in conjunction with Reprotec Floor Doctor rapid and Reprotec Renderlite for concrete floor and Wall repairs. The product exhibits outstanding adhesion to concrete.
  • Reprotec Steelcoat Primer is a two pack, water-based, Epoxy, anti-corrosive primer designed for the protection of steelwork.Whilst optimum performance will only be achieved by applying to well-prepared substrates, Reprotec Steelcoat Primer will adhere well to minimally prepared surfaces. Reprotec Steelcoat Primer has been formulated to provide fast touch dry times and rapid hardness development.
  • Reprotec Supaseal is a two pack epoxy polyamine that provides a glossy, tack free surface, even under conditions of high humidity, and is effectively non-yellowing under the influence of UV light.  The product cures rapidly and is a versatile, chemical resistant sealer/clear coating for concrete.
  • Reprotec Stoneseal is an aqueous polymer, which impregnates porous surfaces and imparts a transparent barrier against oil and water, thereby providing stain resistance and release characteristics. It does not alter the appearance of the substrate or its vapour permeability.It also functions as a water, oil and stain repellent on non-porous surfaces.
  • Reprotec Paverseal is specially formulated for use on Block paving. It has Release characteristics to allow easier removal of chewing gum  Abrasion resistant. Fast drying, single pack.

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