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Garage Floor Paint

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Super tough epoxy resin finishes, tried and tested for many years, for Industrial and Domestic environments.

For Industrial use the system would be:-

1. Bare Concrete - One coat of Reprotec Florprime  or Florprime Rapid followed by a finish coat of Reprotec Tufflor 

2. Previously painted concrete - Remove any loose or flaking paint, ensure the surface is clean, spot prime bare areas of concrete with Reprotec Florprime allow to cure then apply one coat  of Reprotec Tufflor over all the floor.


For Domestic use:-

Most domestic garage floors are constructed from concrete and the specification for the concrete is usually at the low end of specification i.e. around 20 Newtons per square millimetre, it is also more than likely that the concrete will have been poured with a high water / cement ratio, leading to quite a porous floor and this can have a bearing on the type of paint that you choose to protect the floor.

The garage floor will probably be the most abused floor in any property, having to withstand potential petrol/diesel spills, oil spills, anti freeze, de-icing salts, hydraulic oil, brake fluid and physical abuse not to mention hot tyre rubber.

If your floor is of the poor concrete type (typically very dusty) then we would recommend the following products:-
  • Reprotec Easiflor - This is a water based epoxy which will impregnate into the concrete surface and act as a binder on the poor surface, this can even be thinned up to 5% with clean water to ensure penetration. A second coat, unthinned, should be applied after the first coat has dried. A garage of 6 metres by 4 metres would require 2 x 5Kgs Packs for the two coats. It is very easy to apply and comes in a full range of colours.  Reprotec Easiflor performs at its best on smoother floors, ideal over an industrial self levelling compound or a good smooth floor
Reprotec Easiflor - Single Garage Yorks - Pic by D. Firth
  • Reprotec Florprime + Reprotec Tufflor - Florprime  is a universal concrete floor primer designed to seal the porous concrete prior to the application of the TufflorFlorprime is non-flammable and solvent free, is low odour, and may be applied to dry or damp surfaces. Tufflor is simply our 

    toughest, strongest, most durable epoxy coating we have ever made and is ideal for garage floors, resistant to all the normal chemicals found in a garage situation and a tough, long lasting, durable finish. Widely used in the automotive industry. A garage of 5 metres by 4 metres would require 1 x 5Kg Pack Florprime and 1x 5Kg Pack Tufflor.

  • The Reprotec Tufflor system is widely used in the Auto industry.
    If your concrete floor is constructed of a good quality concrete i.e. non dusting, well compacted, power float type finish, then it is possible that one coat of Reprotec Tufflor coat  will be sufficient.
    Use the Reprotec Accessory Pack to ensure you have the right tools for the job.

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