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Concrete Floor Paint - For Industrial Floors

"The everyday working  environment can often be overlooked as a way to increase productivity and efficiency, but advanced manufacturing companies in particular know the value of a clean, bright and ordered way of working. The six sigma processes and lean manufacturing techniques will all spell out the benefits. One of the 5S's developed by Hiroyuki Hirano is shine or sweep. Employees will take ownership of a clean, well maintained area and ensures it stays that way.

One of the easiest ways to do this in any working environment is to start with the floor areas, uncoated concrete will become impregnated very quickly and heavy mobile machinery will compound the degradation. Specially formulated epoxy resins by Reprotec UK have been proven over thirty years to be "up to the job" regularly used in heavy manufacturing areas, especially in the  Automotive and Aerospace industries.

Areas can be colour coded for specific tasks, clear pathways and designated work areas, storage areas, fork truck lanes etc., etc, all helping to maintain the smooth work flow. Reprotec UKs specially formulated products will repair and protect your most valuable assets (employees and premises), it will almost certainly increase your profitability and efficiency".

                                                                            Bob McGuinness MSc. 

                                                                            (ex Chairman of the Resin Flooring Association)

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